Aug 17, 2009

More Government Bullshit....

When is the government going to learn to level with the people. It's about OIL, it's always been about OIL. If you just tell us that we can understand, the lies make all of you politicians look like the idiots you really are!
Also, realize that there are always going to be the anti-war nuts and anti-gun nuts, learn to live with these fringe nuts and move on, but the rest of us are damn tired of being lied to.

Aug 5, 2009

How It Should Be Done

Obama is more interested in what others think than protecting America.
WHEN, not if, but when the next terrorist attack comes, I hope it wipes out as many Liberals as possible, so the remaining idiots MAY finally realize, we can't talk to these shitheads, we need to exterminate them!